Post Bail in No Time With Wayne County Bail Bonds

Who wants to sit in jail when they could be home? You sure don’t. Most people don’t, yet most people do for lack of a bail bond or lack of knowledge about how to get one. Luckily, Wayne County bail bonds keeps things very simple, making quick work of helping you post bail so you can go home to be with your family.

How Wayne County Bail Bonds Work For You

You only need to post 10 percent of your total bail to get out of jail until your first court date. Problem is, how do you get your hands on that 10 percent while you’re in jail? Who do you call? Do you even have 10 percent to post? A bail bonds team can sort out all of this for you and even help you come up with the 10 percent in case you don’t have it. Here’s how it works.

If you don’t have the cash or another form of tender, you can present collateral. If you don’t have property of any kind to serve as collateral, your bail bonds team can present collateral on your behalf. For a small fee, your bail bonds team posts your bail, and you’re free to go home, consult with family and friends, meet with your lawyers and prepare for court.

Other Types of Bonds

Wayne County bail bonds also helps you obtain and post an array of other bond types, such as appeal bonds, immigration bonds, felony bonds, appearance bonds and surety bonds. Like a bail bond, your bond team can arrange a bond that makes up for whatever capital you lack.

The team posts your bail for you, using their own money or collateral. In exchange, you only pay several small fees to the bail bonds team, the sheriff and/or the court. Subsequently, the court repays your bail bonds team any money owed providing you successfully appear in court. If you personally contribute to your own bond, you also receive this money back.

You don’t have to sit in jail if you can’t make bail or you only have a small amount of savings that doesn’t cover bail. If you can swing an affordable bail bonds team fee, your team can arrange everything else, and you can get out of jail within a matter or hours or days.