What happens after being charged with reckless driving?

It can get scary out on the roads. You react quickly, leaving you with having to deal with the consequences of your actions. If you have been charged with reckless driving, you need to know what will happen next.

Explore Penalties

It’s critical for you to explore the penalties that you could face. The penalties will vary based on what happened on the road, such as whether someone was injured or killed. Additionally, if you have been charged with reckless driving in the past, the penalties could be more severe. You may be facing jail time, fines, and community service.

Attend a Hearing

You will need to attend a hearing where you will plead guilty or not guilty. In some instances, you may be given a lesser penalty if you take a plea bargain requiring you to plead guilty. Additionally, how you plead may determine what bail will be set at. This is not a decision you want to make quickly. It may be necessary to talk to a lawyer before you attend the hearing.

Obtain Legal Counsel

It’s hard going into situations that you have never been in before. Rather than making a quick decision inside of a courtroom, you should have legal counsel at your side. Contacting a Fairfax reckless driving lawyer can ensure that you understand the possible penalties for reckless driving. Additionally, you can discuss the process and what should be done at every step.

There is no reason for you to go through the process on your own. Having a lawyer at your side will make it easier to understand what will happen once you have been charged with reckless driving. It will give you the opportunity to reduce penalties and, potentially, avoid any long-lasting damage to your permanent record.