The Right Way to Appoint a Lawyer

Lawyers or advocates or Legal Counsels are nouns, subjects. In practice it is also known as the Legal Consultant. Can mean someone who does or gives advice (advice) and a defense representing other people who are related (clients) to the settlement of a legal case.
The term lawyer connotes legal profession services that play a role in a dispute that can be resolved outside or in a court hearing. In the legal profession, there are known terminology related to procedural law in the Criminal Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code. The term lawyer is distinguished by the term Legal Consultant whose activities are more to the provision of legal consulting services in general.

The defense is carried out by lawyers against formal (judicial) and informal (discourse) institutions, or people who are certified to provide legal services, both inside and outside the court. In countries, to be able to become a lawyer, a scholar who has a legal background must take special education and pass the professional examination carried out by a lawyer organization. (Wiki)

Now after we know what the next lawyer is, I will give some good tips for choosing a lawyer that I have tried to find in several sources and other sources and then I adapt here to all readers.
A lawyer or advocate or attorney always has an official practice permit, because it is to avoid the possibility of fake, fake or pokrol lawyers, so you should first ask about the practice permit issue, or at least ask him a few things, for example, where his office is, his lawyer licenses get from where and the others related to other rummy things. If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for a photocopy of the practice license of a lawyer or advocate or the attorney in question.
Lawyers or lawyers or lawyers are definitely a lot, but at least there are duahal that must be considered, namely Criminal and Civil Problems and not every lawyer has the skills in those two cases. “Ikbal lawyer”, for example, is more experienced in dealing with civil matters, so he is not necessarily an expert in criminal cases. Therefore, we also need to ask about the experience of the lawyer, experience of any case that he has handled to find out the specialty of the lawyer. besides that we can also get qualifications from lawyers or advocates or the Legal Counsel in question.

1. Make sure the lawyer does not have an internal conflict or conflict of interest in the case that you offer so that it can truly be handled within the right legal framework.
2. A lawyer or advocate or legal counselor interacts with opponents a lot, so you must always be careful in order to close the possibility of a kalikong congress between an attorney or an attorney or your legal authority in your case.
3. Moral Ethics and honesty are very important for an attorney or advocate or attorney therefore make sure that beforehand the law or advocate or the attorney that you will choose has a track record of moral ethics and good honesty in legal and social circles.
4. Make sure that the lawyer or advocate or legal counsel you will appoint is never involved in legal malpractice.
5. In winning a case can not only be done by “relaxing relaxed”, “tired” and a little effort, then choose a lawyer or advocate or a lawyer who is willing to work hard and persevere in fighting for your case.
6. One thing that you should do for the interest of the above, then you should make observations or exploratory assessments in advance to get a lawyer according to your expectations.
7. And you can also do a legal consultation with the lawyer before deciding to use his services.