Rise to the Top Like Entertainment Lawyer John Branca UCLA: 4 Steps To Becoming a Successful Music Manager

Success in the music industry is possible for those that don’t play an instrument or belt out a tune. In fact, for some, rising to the top in the entertainment world results from personality and knowledge: these devotees possess hard work, perseverance, and a keen awareness of people and policy.

Music managers are in an essential position, providing legal support and establishing prominence among labels and venues. For those looking to rise and reach the heights of entertainment lawyers like John Branca, it’s vital to consider the following four steps.

1. Embrace Internships

Strong personalities work well in this field, claiming presence and holding firm; however, there is also a place for understanding and humility. If you want to get to the top, then watch and work with those already there. Ask for an internship so that you could work with a current music and entertainment law firm.

During this time, observe how operations run and ask questions about policies and choices. What is the manager doing with clients? What attitudes and approaches are successful? Learn from these interactions, and see what you could adapt into your own practices.

2. Adapt to Shifting Expectations

The world is ever-changing, and the music industry is no different. Those living inside a box are likely to grow stale and fade with the fads. For instance, one day, labels may seek one style or genre, loving rock and roll; a few years later, the same label may now desire someone with a different vibe or style.

Seek out new talent, and be cognizant of changes in audience expectation as well as client needs. Constantly ask about new artists. As for your musicians, pay attention to what other people are receiving, and remain up-to-date on music and entertainment law. Strive to get the best contracts and financial deals for those you represent.

3. Network With Others

A manager cannot be a flower on the wall. Jobs and contracts depend on constant networking with others. Make connections with labels, other lawyers, and venues. Reach out often to see how happy people are. If they aren’t satisfied, then find out how to make it better. People-pleasing is vital.

4. Remain Passionate

When the motivation dies, so too does your success. Don’t settle for the current state; rather, constantly push yourself to do better and go further. Show this attitude on a daily business to those you represent and with those with whom you negotiate.

While some create music, others ensure it’s heard. The manager is vital to getting out the creativity and ideas, so climb that ladder and cherish the ride.