FACTS: Petitioner Agustina M. Enemecio (Enemecio”) is a utility worker at the Cebu State College of Science and Technology, College of Fisheries Technology (CSCST-CFT”), Carmen, Cebu. Petitioner filed an administrative complaint for violation of Sec. Sometimes called the regulatory state or the deep state, it is a government within the government… Unelected bureaucrats not only write their own laws, they also interpret these laws and enforce them in their own courts with their own judges.

Petitioner, Romeo B. Igot, is a taxpayer, a qualified voter and a member of the Bar who, as such, has taken his oath to support the Constitution and obey the laws of the land. HELD: the petition is GRANTED, the Decision of the CA and its are hereby REVERSED and SET ASIDE.administrative law

He shall also appoint all other officers of the Government whose appointments are not otherwise provided for by law, and those whom he may be authorized by law to appoint. 1. That for sometime prior to the 31st day of March, 1917, the judge who filed said decision was one of the auxiliary judges of the Court of First Instance of the Province of Amboe Camarines.administrative law

Petitioner contends that DILG’s appointment constitutes undue interference in the internal affairs of the Liga, since the latter is not subject to DILG control and supervision. Petitioners argue that cancelling or setting aside a contract approved by the Secretary is, in effect, repealing an act of the Secretary which is beyond the authority of the Administrator.administrative law

Petitioner likewise pointed out that the charge against him was the subject of similar cases filed before the Ombudsman. VIII of the Constitution provides: The Members of the Supreme Court and of other courts established by law shall not be designated to any agency performing quasi-judicial or administrative functions.