Are you hungry for some Menulog?

We usually don’t have a very freezing temperature Christmas like other people in North but that doesn’t hold us back from celebrating our Christmas in Full Throttle. To celebrate the merry full season we always invite our friends and family, pull out the Christmas tree and decorate it with the best shiny Christmas decorations with the silver and green shiny balls.

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With the Christmas around and the festivity in its full swing, who can forget the yummy chicken my grandmother makes. To help us out with the menu we have Menulog promo codes. We put on our ugly sweater and dig in to the Christmas food and the different food offers that are available through Menu log in the month of June and July.



If you have had enough of the butter chicken and are bored with the chicken gravy this winter, than why not put your Christmas feast mode on and enjoy the celebration with a steaming hot chicken roast. You don’t need to fuss over the preparation of the  chicken and I am sure you might even burn it anyways so, why don’t you do yourself a favor and get one delivered right away to your door. I had the same thing in my mind and guess what I ordered my chicken easily from Menulog through Menulog Discount codes, which they offer to their first time customers, you might be in for a lucky day just like me when you order from Menulog for the first time.



To compliment the chicken we planned on ordering the roasted potatoes from Menulog as well. Now the best potatoes take ages to cook and if they are not roasted properly it might be a mood swinger for many in my family because my family like eating their potatoes crispy and well roasted. When I come to think of it all the hassle I might do for potatoes might not be worth it so why not order them straight ahead from Menu log. I will most likely be availing their Menulog coupon codes which they sent on our first purchase.

Recently Menulog has introduced Menulog codes and I can’t wait to get my hands on them as I have heard they serve some really delicious prawn buckets with an extra creamy sauce on the side for free.

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