3 Things to do Following an Arrest

You’ve messed up and found yourself in a whole mess of trouble. No matter how severe things might have been, you’re currently under arrest and in police custody. While this is an extremely scary time for anyone, it’s important to keep your cool and consider your next actions carefully. If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, here are three things to do following an arrest that could save your life and increase your chances of walking out of there.

1. Contact a Lawyer

No matter how guilty or innocent you may be, you will always need a lawyer. Police lie and they lie a lot, first and foremost being when they say only the guilty hire a lawyer. It’s an attorney’s job to know the law and to keep you from getting tricked into confessing to things you’ve never done, so let them handle the talking. While a lawyer specializing in the field of whatever crime you’re accused of is best, any legal representation at all is preferable to none.

2. Post Bail

If at all possible, posting bail is what you’ll want to do. Not only is it just bad, plain and simple, to be held by police, sitting around in an uncomfortable and dangerous environment impairs your ability to make rational choices down the line. For both your safety and improving the odds of you staying out of jail for good, you’ll want to post bail as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have the money upfront, you can still get in contact with a bondsman to issue you bail bonds Jefferson County, so long as you can pay it back later.

3. DON’T Run

While it might seem obvious that trying to make a run for the border or disappear after you’re …

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